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Tom Flores: California and NFL Legend

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

In the hierarchy of prominent Mexican and Mexican-American figures, former NFL head coach Tom Flores is near the top along with Fernando Valenzuela, Ritchie Valens, among others.

Flores, was a leader during a time when even fewer Mexicans had leadership positions that they do today.

But he wasn’t just respected for the Mexican-American communities in California. After all, Flores coached in the Northern and Southern parts of the state and was raised in the Fresno area. He was a true Californio.

He was respected by folks in the business. He was known as a gentleman, someone who exhibited graciousness and class during a successful but turbulent time in the franchise’s history.

The Raiders were the center of controversy as they were in between the two cities, yet Flores led the Raiders to a Super Bowl in both Oakland and Los Angeles.

Flores never got the respect he deserved because of the animus against the franchise.

This is why we are here- to show our appreciation to Coach Flores- and to make others aware that this legend deserves to be a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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